Audrey of Farmerton   ‡ Book One of Andoran’s Realm ‡

Getting your wish can have consequences. The new life you’ve always dreamed of may not be what you expect. And maybe you should find out what a witch is before moving to a place called the Witch’s City.

None of that matters to Audrey. She just wants out of Farmerton and her dead-end life there. She wants a new life, one filled with excitement and romance. And she’s willing to do just about anything to obtain it. So what if she doesn’t know anything about magic or alchemy? Or how to read. Or the difference between an elf and a half-elf. Or basically anything important about Andoran’s Realm. She can learn, can’t she?

Audrey of Farmerton is a slice of life, coming of age, sword & sorcery novel that really doesn’t fit any of the traditional fantasy genres. It was inspired by a long-running D&D campaign.

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The Witch’s City   ‡ Book Two of Andoran’s Realm ‡

Only in the Witch’s City could a meek shop clerk’s misguided romance cause so much trouble. Or affect so many people. Or have such grave consequences.

Audrey, meanwhile, is ready for some peace and quiet. After all, she finally has a place to call her own. She has good friends, an exciting career, and the means to earn a decent living. Having two boyfriends is an issue, but it’s better than having none. But as always, unexpected events soon bring chaos to her life.

Petra, High Witch Ermizad’s cousin, is having problems of her own. She has been exiled to Rohoville, separating her from her true love. It’s a struggle to fit in, to pretend to be normal when you’re anything but. And when she is targeted by a mysterious and ancient power, new and old adventurers alike join forces to try to save her.

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The Guild War   ‡ Book Three of Andoran’s Realm ‡

The Zardis Thieves’ Guild isn’t satisfied. Just as they secretly rule the largest city in Andoran’s Realm, they also seek to control the Witch’s City. Standing in their way are High Witch Ermizad, the city’s absolute ruler, and Celebern, the owner of the closest thing the Witch’s City has to a thieves’ guild.

Meanwhile, things in the Witch’s City are already complicated enough. There’s a vigilante on the loose, an unexpected death, a marriage in crisis, new romances, and some unwelcome visitors. Audrey, Saxloc, Gabriel, Siljan, and many others are soon caught up in a cascading series of events as the Guild advances its nefarious plans.

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