Audrey of Farmerton   ‡ Book One of Andoran’s Realm ‡

Getting your wish can have consequences. Finding your destiny requires sacrifice. And nothing is ever easy, especially when you’re an uneducated girl trapped in a small village.

For Audrey, salvation comes in the form of a passing group of young adventurers. All she needs to do is convince them to take her back with them to the Witch’s City. Then she can finally live the life that she has always dreamed of—basically anything other than being forced to marry some idiot farm boy.

Nothing goes as planned. The city is strange and bewildering, not to mention being filled with magic and alchemy. And Audrey is soon paying the price for some of her unwise decisions.

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The Witch’s City   ‡ Book Two of Andoran’s Realm ‡

Only in the Witch’s City could a misguided romance result in actual death and destruction.

Audrey is ready for some peace and quiet. She has a place to call her own, good friends, and an exciting career. Having two boyfriends is an issue, but it’s better than having none. But unexpected events soon bring chaos into her life.

Petra, High Witch Ermizad’s cousin, is having problems of her own. Exiled to Rohoville, she’s struggling to fit in. And when she is targeted by a mysterious and ancient power, new and old adventurers alike join forces to try to save her.

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The Guild War   ‡ Book Three of Andoran’s Realm ‡

The Zardis Thieves’ Guild isn’t satisfied. Just as they secretly rule the largest city in Andoran’s Realm, they also seek to control the Witch’s City. Standing in their way are High Witch Ermizad, the city’s absolute ruler, and Celebern, the owner of the closest thing the Witch’s City has to a thieves’ guild.

Meanwhile, things in the Witch’s City are already complicated enough. There’s a vigilante on the loose, an unexpected death, a marriage in crisis, new romances, and some unwelcome visitors. Audrey, Saxloc, Gabriel, Siljan, and many others are soon caught up in a cascading series of events as the Guild advances its nefarious plans.

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Andoran’s Legacy  ‡ Book Four of Andoran’s Realm ‡

The Zardis Thieves’ Guild may have met a well-deserved end, but all is not well. Damaged by the conflict and under martial law, the city of Zardis is in turmoil. Many surviving Guild members want revenge. And people are still reeling from the horrific disease outbreak that claimed so many lives.

Audrey is still trying to recover from her own woes. But before she can move on her two cousins—the only family she has left—need to be brought to the Witch’s City. Then there’s the opportunity to finally meet the founder of her martial arts school. But those events pale compared to what happens when some of Andoran’s secrets are finally revealed.

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