Audrey of Farmerton   ‡ Book One of Andoran’s Realm ‡

For an ambitious teenage girl living in a small village, moving almost anywhere else is a step up. But it’s far from easy. And once you’ve succeeded, adjusting is a major challenge, especially if you’ve just moved to the Witch’s City and don’t even know what a witch is. Or if you don’t know anything about magic or alchemy. Or if you find yourself the only human in a half-elf household (and one of them hates you). But Audrey is determined to make a life for herself, and she’s willing to put up with about anything and do whatever it takes.

Audrey of Farmerton is a slice-of-life, coming of age, sword & sorcery novel that really doesn’t fit any of the traditional fantasy genres. It was inspired by a long-running D&D campaign.

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The Witch’s City   ‡ Book Two of Andoran’s Realm ‡

Audrey just wants to settle down into her new life living on her own, but things just never seem to quiet down in the Witch’s City. A meek shop clerk’s misguided romantic interest in Saxloc precipitates a series of events that end up impacting a variety of people and revealing the influence of a powerful enemy. Meanwhile, High Witch Ermizad’s exiled cousin Petra struggles with her own problems. And when Petra is targeted by a mysterious and ancient power, new and old adventurers alike join forces to try to save her.

Amazon: ebook/paperback (available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited)