M. Gregg Roe is semi-retired from his consulting work and now trying his hand at writing. His first effort is a series of books based on the Dungeons & Dragons that he began in 1979 (and which is still running). The first novel, Audrey of Farmerton, is already available as a Kindle ebook. The second novel, The Witch’s City, should be out sometime in 2017. The series is known as Andoran’s Realm, after the region in which most of the stories take place.

Gregg grew up in central Ohio, and attended the rather large university based there. He lived and worked for a time in Virginia and California before finally taking up residence in Tennessee.

Gregg has a Ph.D. in physics, which helps not at all when writing fantasy novels. His leisure activities include cycling, anime, travel, reading (primarily fantasy and hard science fiction). He also enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, of course.

You can reach Gregg via the social media links below, or by email: andorans_realm at icloud dot com