My first series is complete! Woohoo!

As of today all four books in my Andoran’s Realm sword & sorcery fantasy series are available. (A four book series is called a tetralogy, in case you were wondering.) The four covers, which don’t exactly go well together, are shown below.

After writing 600,000 or so words of fiction, I feel that I am now a much better writer. It also means that the later books in the series are probably better written. But that’s how it is with a beginning author.

Even though this series is complete, I’m not through with Andoran’s Realm or the wider world around it. I’m planning another series that takes place afterward as well as writing short stories that take place at earlier times (and in a variety of locations). I’ve got enough source material to keep me busy for quite some time.

Anyway, I hope that those of you that have read one or more of my books have enjoyed them.