Update on Book Four of Andoran’s Realm

The fourth book of my Andoran’s Realm fantasy series has a working title of Andoran’s Legacy. It will not only (finally) reveal some secrets, but will also mark the end of the story arc begun in Audrey of Farmerton. The book will end with surprises, but no cliffhangers.

Book four is currently about a third done, and my goal is to get it out before the end of the year. It picks up mere days after the end of book three, and will cover a period of approximately nine months.

What comes next? I’ve written a couple of short stories set in the same world, and I’m planning to write more. (I actually find them more challenging to write than the novels.) Eventually I would like to publish a collection of these stories. I could, of course, return to Audrey and her friends, perhaps after several years have passed for them. Or I could go backward in time, writing about the original group that included Danj, Medea, Hagen, Grasapa, Roho and others. Or there’s the group with Branwyn, Milric, Celebern, and Draymund. I’ve got no shortage of old adventures I could adapt.

As far as the D&D campaign that inspired these books, I have now started a new group, jumping forward about four years. It consists of Valwyn, Hanna, Jethro, Alinda, and a dwarf fighter that idolizes Roho. I’ve only run one adventure so far, but who knows? Someday this might be the basis for another series of books.